09|03|12The Flatiron Room

I'll be holding court with Doug Acosta every Thursday night from 7-11pm.

06|15|12Sam Ash Article

Hey y'all!! Dig on the article!!

06|08|12Sam Ash Article

Check out my recent article!!


The long awaited release of 'Neighborhood' has come!! The single "Drunk" has been taking off, probably because my bass line is da bomb!! Check out the link: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewArtist?id=287532971

08|18|09Badia Farha 'Lady Rose!'

The long awaited release of 'Lady Rose' is...well...Released!
Check out her site and get yourself a copy. Yours truly is all over
the tracks

04|29|09Jazz Foundation Recording!!

The Boys from 'Roth's' will be hitting the studio with Jimmy Norman to record a song which will highlight Jazz Foundation members from across the country! When all is said and done you'll be able to hear it on this website. Patience my friends, it's coming.

03|21|09Broadway Underground on YouTube!!

Check out the Broadway Underground videos on YouTube!

03|13|09Broadway Underground video

check out a clip of 'Drumadics' from the last B.B.'s gig in the 'gallery'. i left the quality and size on the large side, so give it a chance to load. let me know what you think.

06|13|08MarkBass Support!!

I have the great pleasure of announcing my endorsement with MarkBass!! Their products and support will help the cause. Launch their site, click on 'Artists', and check out the kid!!!

03|25|08B.B. King's!!

Broadway Underground-Dance, Groove, Acts...

03|08|08Blue Note w/Madafi

Unique and soulful, Madafi has just released her record and we'll be performing select material!!


Ongoing support for the record continues at the Highline Ballroomand the Boulton Center for the Performing Arts! Check out 'gigs' for more info...

02|01|08South America!!

Medellin, Colombia w/Rhythm Rox was so much fun I figured let's get back there. Wendy is gearing up for a tour of South America!! As the exact dates and venues come in I'll let you know.

01|11|08w/Badia at Don Hills

The performance w/Badia was such a complete success, so much so we'll do it again. Patient now, the info is still coming in...

12|08|07Cutting Room Pix are in!!

Check out the 'Gallery' for some pix of the Constantine gig at 'The Cutting Room'


I'm proud to be performing with Constantine in support of his debut, self-titled album!! Check out the 'Gigs' link for all the info!


I'll be performing with Badia at the end of the month. Check out the Gigs link for upcoming info!

10|12|07Wendy Starland

After narrowly escaping her antics in Poland, Wendy and I are bringing the bathtub back to the States!! Gigs link yo!

05|25|07They love us in Poland

The gig with Wendy was bardzo dobzre!! Please don't ask about the shenanigans afterwards as i'll never tell. Wendy is off this weekend to do the hang with The Police up in Vancouver and we wish her luck with the record thing.

05|19|07In Poland with Wendy Starland

Dzien Dobry!!! I'm playing with Wendy in the capital city, Warsaw, where the pepper flavored vodka pours freely. Check out her site, she's the biz-on!

05|14|07The Apollo Theater!!

with the legendary Jimmy Norman at the legendary Apollo Theater. What a great year I'm having!

04|01|07In the studio with Badia Farha

I'll be working with the acclaimed vocalist/actress throughout the month on her much anticipated record. Stay tuned for more info!

03|20|07Endorsement with KYDD Bass

Many thanks to Bruce Kaminsky of KYDD Basses for adding me to his list of artists. For those of you who have come to the Trio gigs and the Constantine gigs you have seen me perform on the KYDD. It's size and sound have greatly impressed the artists I have played with as well as the audiences we play for. Check out the link for product information, and click on 'artists' to see the fine company I now keep!