The following are questions i've received concerning the recording...

What equipment do i use?
I play a 6-string modulus which i've owned for about 20 years.  the playability and tone of this bass has inspired the direction i've taken with the new material. I also use a 5-string KYDD electric upright bass which is featured on some orchestration parts on the ep.  I have a markbass mini cmd 121 p combo.  The tone of this speaker, in conjunction with the modulus, inspires alot of creativity.

where did the initial idea for the compositions come from?

the material stems from a desire to play a song for someone, without trying to showcase a particular technique.  every tune started with a melody, and that melody needed to have a beginning, middle, and an end.  

are there more songs on the horizon?

i'm currently preparing 5 more songs written for 6-string bass for a future release.  I'm also working on music for a full band which will come to fruition sometime in the near future.  i'll let you know...

what are the technical specifications concerning the recording, i.e. buttons, knobs, plug-ins, settings, etc.?

to be perfectly honest, i really couldn't tell you.  i'm not really a buttons and knobs kind of guy.  i try to just plug in and use the sound of my bass as much as possible.  i find discussions of this nature a bit unspirited.  I used the most basic things i could, and focused on the performance.